Baladi Bread

One of our highest sellers products is the Egyptian baladi bread. Egyptian baladi bread is a traditional, homemade bread that is a staple in Egyptian cuisine. It is typically made with a mixture of whole wheat flour, yeast, and water, and is often shaped into a round, flat loaf. We have it available in White and Whole wheat flour , soft and hard.

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One of our highest sellers is the Basbousa. Basbousa is a traditional Egyptian sweet treat made from semolina flour, sugar, and may also contain nuts such as almonds or coconut. The ingredients are mixed together to form a batter, which is then poured into a baking dish and baked until golden brown. After it is cooled, it is often drenched with a sweet syrup made from sugar and water. The syrup gives the basbousa a moist texture and adds a touch of sweetness.

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Why our products?

It's always a good thing to offer our customers fresh products made with high-quality ingredients. Fresh products tend to have more flavor and nutrients than products that have been sitting on shelves for a long time. High-quality ingredients also ensure that the finished product tastes great and is good for our customer's health.